Voted Best of Denton County 2016 & 2017

Toyota of Denton is proud to have been voted as the "Best of Denton County" in the Import Car Dealership category for the second year in a row. As an integral part of this tight-knit community, we pride ourselves on delivering the best in customer service, selection and value to our friends and neighbors in Denton County. Because the "Best of Denton County" awards are the result of nominations and voting by Denton County residents…

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How Does the Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System Work?

Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System

If you are on the prowl for a powerful vehicle with an elite suspension system that allows you to traverse diverse terrain, look no further than the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser is equipped with the acclaimed Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS). This unique suspension system is also fitted to the Toyota Hilux Invincible model.

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What is Toyota Smart Entry System?

Toyota's Smart Entry System gives the driver a convenient way to open doors, start the car, and operate the stereo and ventilation system even when the engine is off. Like the rest of the car, Smart Entry operates on an advanced computer system that detects the key without your having to physically use the key. It's another perk the legendary car maker gives to owners that makes it easier to interact with the…

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What Is Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota developed the high-tech Safety Sense system to ensure their fully-equipped vehicles always exceed modern collision avoidance and mitigation standards. This system utilizes radar and camera technology to monitor the vehicle’s speed and position in relation to other vehicles and obstacles on the roadway. Upon detecting a potentially dangerous situation, the system activates the interlinked components to bring the vehicle to a halt or adjust its position. As a result, the vehicles equipped with the Safety Sense components help vehicles from Toyota achieve awe-inspiring crash test ratings and win over drivers worldwide.

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2017 Toyota NHTSA safety rating

Toyota RAV4

Though most people have heard of NHTSA safety ratings in passing, few know what the acronym stands for and why the safety ratings are so important. NHTSA stands for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This group is an Executive Branch agency under the umbrella of the federal government of the United States. The NHTSA also falls beneath the umbrella of the Department of Transportation.

NHTSA Mission

The goal of the NHTSA is to reduce vehicle related crashes, prevent injuries and save lives. The agency reviews automotive safety in an attempt to prevent physical and emotional harm to vehicle drivers and…

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History of the Toyota 86

Red and Blue Toyota 86's

Toyota has a well-established history as the maker of reliable and safe family sedans and trucks. What few people realize, though, is that the car maker established itself as the manufacturer of sports cars -- a feat that goes back decades. A melding of the Toyota and Scion brands, today's Toyota 86 is poised to change Toyota's image in the minds of millions of people.

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2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Wins Mid-Size Truck Of Texas

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

The new 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is a vehicle all in its own class. For ten years, the Tacoma has been the best-selling mid-size truck, and for good reason. Versatile and competent yet stylish, it truly is the truck to be beat. If you need further proof, look no further than the results of the 2016 Texas Auto Writers Association’s “Mid-size Pickup Truck of Texas” award.

The TAWA is made up of journalists who put trucks to the test. At a ranch on the outskirts of Austin, the 2017 Tacoma and other trucks showed their stuff on a…

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New 4Runner Trim Levels for 2017

New TRD 4Runner Trims Coming for 2017

2015 Toyota 4Runner
2015 models shown

The hugely successful Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular and capable mid-sized SUVs around. It has the legendary durability of Toyota's truck line, while maintaining the comfort and style of a family-friendly cruiser. But when bestowed with the capabilities and performance upgrades that come with the TRD package, the 4Runner becomes a true off-road machine. Now for the upcoming 2017 model year…

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What is Entune?


What is Entune?

The need to stay connected to friends, family and coworkers has only increased as the distance people commute to and from work gets longer. This need for information can also be easily extrapolated to news and traffic alerts to help people make sure they are taking the most efficient route to their destination. What was once a mishmash of scattered radio reports, maps and frustration can now be easily collated with the Toyota Entune system, available on almost every Toyota sedan, SUV and pickup truck. What once started as a way to consolidate as many devices into…

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