What Is Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota developed the high-tech Safety Sense system to ensure their fully-equipped vehicles always exceed modern collision avoidance and mitigation standards. This system utilizes radar and camera technology to monitor the vehicle’s speed and position in relation to other vehicles and obstacles on the roadway. Upon detecting a potentially dangerous situation, the system activates the interlinked components to bring the vehicle to a halt or adjust its position. As a result, the vehicles equipped with the Safety Sense components help vehicles from Toyota achieve awe-inspiring crash test ratings and win over drivers worldwide.

Package Upgrades

Since vehicles in the modern lineup vary considerably in size and purpose, Toyota created two distinct packages using the Safety Sense components.


The Toyota Safety Sense C, or TSS-C, system comes equipped on compact cars, such as the Corolla and Yaris. This system includes automatic headlight controls, lane departure warnings and collision avoidance systems.


For midsize vehicles and up, the TSS-P system was developed. In addition to the safety features included in the TSS-C package, this upgrade also includes auto cruise control and pedestrian detection systems.

System Functions

Across both of these packages are five main functions that work together to dramatically improve the safety of the equipped vehicle.

Auto High Beams

With Auto High Beams equipped on your vehicle, the days of strategically switching your brights on and off are officially over. This system uses high-tech cameras to detect the presence of oncoming vehicles to accurately activate and deactivate your high beams. Forward visibility is maximized with this accurate activation pattern, making it easier to avoid obstacles that would otherwise be impossible to see.

Lane Departure Alert

The Lane Departure Alert system utilizes camera equipment to closely watch the lines on the roadway and notify you if deviations from the intended route occur. Upon detecting your vehicle exiting the current lane, the system elicits a series of beeps and dash light flashes to encourage you to make the appropriate corrections. This system will even automatically adjust the steering input to keep the vehicle in the lane if you do not respond in a timely manner.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

The combined use of radar and camera equipment allows the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system to constantly alter your speed to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead. This system activates at 25 miles per hour and continues functioning all the way up to 110 miles per hour to prevent situations that could result in an accident.

Pre-Collision System

The Pre-Collision System also taps into the combined radar and camera functionality to prevent collisions with vehicles and objects ahead of you. This integrated system continually watches just ahead of the vehicle and issues a series of warnings if anything appears in your path. If the vehicle does not receive a prompt response from you, this system will quickly apply the brakes to prevent a collision.

Pedestrian Detection

In the midsize range of vehicles, the Pre-Collision System comes with Pedestrian Detection alerts that watch for specific shapes using radar and camera components. Upon detecting the presence of a pedestrian, warnings begin before the system automatically makes changes to the vehicle’s speed and trajectory.

Try Out Toyota Safety Sense on a Test Drive Today

To truly appreciate such an innovative safety system, you must experience Toyota Safety Sense for yourself by taking a test drive today. Head on down to Toyota of Denton to see just how these components work together to prevent and mitigate collisions.

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