What is Toyota Smart Entry System?

Toyota Smart Entry System

Toyota's Smart Entry System gives the driver a convenient way to open doors, start the car, and operate the stereo and ventilation system even when the engine is off. Like the rest of the car, Smart Entry operates on an advanced computer system that detects the key without your having to physically use the key. It's another perk the legendary car maker gives to owners that makes it easier to interact with the vehicle. See what it does, how it does it, and why you might want it.

Opening the Door

The doors on a car with the Smart Entry System won't magically open as you approach them, but the reality is not too far off. Instead of having to search for your keys, you only have to have the key on your person or in your purse to activate the car's electronic sensors. So if you're carrying something heavy, all you need to do is touch the interior of the door handle (which you have to do to open it anyway.) The sensors only work with your key, so you are the only person who can open the door. For those who are constantly coming and going or for those never know which pocket their keys are in, this is definitely a winning feature. When you need to lock the door, just hit the lock switch which is normally located on the door handle.

Starting the Engine

Once you're inside the car, the good news is you still don't have to find your keys. The car has already received and verified the security ID from the sensors in the key and in the car, so the immobilizer has been deactivated. The immobilizer is a safety feature that makes it more difficult for even advanced car thieves to achieve their goal. But all you have to do is push down on the brake pedal when the car is in park, and then use the Push button to start the engine up. When you have to stop the engine, you just push down on the same green button.

Using the Car's Amenities

Let's say you're headed to meet someone for lunch on a warm day, and your car key is in one of 15 different sections of your purse. You get to the restaurant, but your friend's not there yet. You want to keep listening to the podcast you had on, but don't want to leave the engine in idle and you still don't want to find your keys. Crank up the music or turn on the ventilation system without actually starting the car up. All you have to do is push the same green Push button without pushing down on the brake pedal.

Most people don't decide to buy a car based on how easy it is to lock and unlock, but the Smart Entry System speaks to Toyota's attention to detail when it comes to engineering their cars with true convenience in mind.

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