How Does the Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System Work?

Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System

If you are on the prowl for a powerful vehicle with an elite suspension system that allows you to traverse diverse terrain, look no further than the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser is equipped with the acclaimed Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS). This unique suspension system is also fitted to the Toyota Hilux Invincible model.

What is the Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System?

The Land Cruiser is a four-wheel drive vehicle yet its flat handling works some truly incredible wonders. Whether you are driving on regular roads or off-road, the Land Cruiser will prove to be up to the task thanks to its ample axle articulation. The anti-roll bars on most vehicles limit the wheel range for vertical movement when crossing uneven terrain. However, Toyota has solved this problem with KDSS. This system reacts in an incredibly dynamic manner. It accounts for the varying forces applied to the suspension and bolsters chassis performance in all driving conditions. This elite level of performance is made possible with the use of an electrically modulated system of hydraulics that alter and sometimes even totally disable anti-roll bars.

The Role of KDSS Hydraulic Lines

The Land Cruiser and Invincible are equipped with anti-roll bars that feature hydraulic cylinders with distinct upper and lower chambers. The upper chambers of each cylinder are linked with a hydraulic line. The same is true of the lower chambers. The hydraulic lines are plumbed with an accumulator valve that is controlled with a complex electronic system. When the vehicle rounds a corner on regular roads, an equal amount of pressure is dispersed to the outer wheels. This allows the hydraulic fluid to remain in place within the lines and holds the front/rear cylinder positions still. The result is a normal twisting of the anti-roll bars, a suppression of the suspension stroke, a reduction in body roll and an overall feeling of enhanced stability.

KDSS Empowers the Land Cruiser and Invincible to Tackle Undulating Terrain With Surprising ease

When the vehicle is driven to rough patches of terrain, disproportionate forces are applied between the front and back wheels. Such unequal forces across and between the axles spur the pistons in the hydraulic cylinder to stroke in different directions. Such movement offsets the regular resistance of the vehicle's anti-roll bar and permits considerable suspension articulation. Once these uneven forces are identified, the accumulator valve quickly opens and closes to alter fluid movement in the hydraulic lines. This causes a dampening of the vibrations through an absorption of surface undulations. All four of the vehicle's wheels continue to touch the ground for extended periods of time as both the front and back anti-roll bars are disengaged.

In the end, the driver and passengers are treated to a surprisingly comfortable ride on quite the choppy terrain. If you are looking for an elite off-road vehicle with superior performance regardless of terrain difficulty, you can't go wrong the Land Cruiser or the Invincible.

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